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Brewery Profile

Our brewery is located in Akaiwa City, the chief producing center of Bizen rice, where specialty varieties of rice such as Omachi-mai and Asahi-mai are in abundance.
Undulating golden fields of rice, crystal clear water and a well-honed traditions combine to produce high-quality sake from the fertile earth's bounty.
The never-ending rich taste invites good fortune.

Handmade Rice Steaming

Sake brewing requires care and devotion. Sake made in this way will soften the hearts of people and you can feel the warmth of the brewer.

The key stage of sake brewing is to steam rice. The importance of the quality of the steamed rice and its effect as a starter (or mold) on the whole brewing process cannot be overstated. At our brewery, we use a traditional Japanese rice cauldron together with our unique skill to produce plump steamed rice, hard on the outside but soft in the middle, perfect for the sake brewing process.

Akaiwa Sake Brewery's Philosophy

All sake we sell to be of high quality.
To overcome the changeable conditions which easily effects the quality of products such as pure sake in summer, in order maintain the quality of our products so we can be proud to recommend them to our customers.
These are our eternal goals.
Akaiwa Sake Brewery will continue to work tirelessly to produce high-quality products.
We are devoted to the pursuit of prefect sake!


赤磐酒造株式会社 岡山県赤磐市河本1113. TEL.086-955-0130


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